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Strategic Advisors

We strive to provide a comprehensive suite of services tailored to empower business owners with the knowledge they need to position their businesses for growth.

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Andres Hoyos


Andres Hoyos is a respected businessman with more than fifteen years of experience in the insurance, investment, and banking industries. He sees the value that capital can bring to growing businesses, but he understands how difficult it can be for small business owners to access these resources. As a result, Andres created MAG Business Capital – a team of Strategic Advisors devoted to helping small business owners succeed by offering expert advice on growth strategies, planning for funding, and taking business goals to the next level. Driven by his desire to create meaningful legacies for families, Andres continues to work closely with ambitious entrepreneurs whose success stories are a testament to his bold vision and unwavering commitment.

    Susana Tamayo, MSM-HR

    Corporate Structure / Business Planning

    Susana Tamayo is a highly accomplished executive, having held high-level positions at Siemens, where she was responsible for both domestic and international human capital mobility. She now operates her own successful consulting business, providing invaluable strategic guidance to small business owners preparing to expand their operations. As a Strategic Advisor to MAG, Susana uses her deep expertise to help clients build strong business plans that will help them determine the optimal course of action for long-term growth or tactical correction. Away from work, Susana and her husband share a common passion for assisting families as they strive to make America their home. Together, they run a nonprofit organization that offers constructive advice and support on the path to growth and prosperity.

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      Gaby Anderez

      Marketing and Social Media Strategist

      Gaby Anderez is a pioneer in the marketing and social media world. With 8 years of expertise, she has become a renowned marketing guru for her clients who have achieved success through her innovative strategies. As a strategic advisor for MAG, Gaby helps business owners build their brands and strengthen their social media presence to boost organic growth and increase brand recognition. Her agency provides comprehensive services from brand identity to continuing maintenance, utilizing Gaby's keen eye for detail, solid knowledge of industry trends, and superb ability to create effective strategies tailored to her client's needs.

        Vanessa Nava

        CFO / Business Optimisation Strategies

        Vanessa Nava is an ambitious entrepreneur and business strategist who takes a unique and creative approach to helping businesses succeed. For the past 10 years, Vanessa has used her sharp financial acumen to provide CFO services to numerous companies. Currently, as a strategic advisor for MAG, she uses her keen eye for detail to help companies amplify their operations by streamlining their structure and finances. Her innate business savvy and extraordinary problem-solving abilities make Vanessa an invaluable team member who brings clarity and insight into any corporation’s success.

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          Eric Little

          SVP, Origination / Commercial Lending

          Eric is a committed professional with over three decades of experience in sales and marketing. His area of expertise lies in commercial real estate lending, where he has worked for the past twenty years providing superior service to borrowers. His passion for delivering an outstanding experience shines through clearly as Strategic Advisor for MAG and its clients. Eric's impressive record includes billions of dollars worth of loans originated, with each one treated with special care and attention. He is deeply committed to ensuring the highest quality standards are met at all times.

            Pablo Rendic Olivieri

            Branding / Marketing Business Plan

            Pablo Redic Oliviery is an experienced and intrepid marketing professional with more than 13 years of expertise in Marketing and Branding. A strategic partner at MAG, he is dedicated to providing custom solutions for our clients by infusing marketing strategies with innovation. Committed to ensuring quality service and successful project completions, Pablo excels in monitoring profitability, budgets, results, and deadlines all while growing the capabilities of his team. His commitment to excellence has allowed him to produce remarkable marketing plans and campaigns that have surpassed objectives and revolutionized the way customers engage with brands.

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