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Credit-building solutions for both consumers and businesses aim to assist customers in qualifying for funding and reducing future interest expenses.

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A collection of tools designed for enhancing personal and business credit scores.

We utilize a range of credit-building and repair tools to offer diverse solutions tailored to the individual needs of business funding applicants, thereby expediting their qualification process.

Fast improvements to credit scores.


increase across various providers.

Generate additional commission revenue while assisting your customers in qualifying for improved rates and terms.

Credit Builder

Product Types

Installment Credit

(Credit Builder Loan)

  • Resembles a loan gradually repaid over a period.

  • The user submits monthly payments, which are reported to all credit bureaus; upon completion, they receive the refunded amount (minus fees).

Revolving Credit
(Credit Builder Secure Card)

  • Appears like a credit card with monthly settlements.

  • The user deposits funds in advance to access a credit limit, and this sum is reported to the bureaus.

Bill and Rent Reporting

  • Introduces fresh on-time payment records.

  • Users connect or include bills (including rent) that are paid monthly, and the provider guarantees their reporting to the bureaus.

Credit Repair

  • Removes incorrect details from consumer credit reports.

  • Employing AI and automation, the provider can submit necessary paperwork to contest errors found on users' credit reports.

Our Credit Building & Repair Partners


The applicant can either request a complimentary consultation or expect us to proactively reach out to them for further assistance.

Our team assists applicants in navigating and applying for the most suitable solutions tailored to their individual needs and financial circumstances.

We continuously track improvements in credit scores and reassess eligibility for further opportunities.

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Let's guide your applicants toward securing funding with improved rates and terms, setting them on the path to financial success!

Please reach out to customer success (

for more information on how to get started with our Credit Builder Suite

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