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Small Business Health Insurance

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At MAG we believe that the health of management and staff directly impacts the success of a small business, so we have teamed up with Senior Licensed Agent, Andrew Warner, to provide specialized health insurance solutions for self-employed individuals, business owners, employees, and their families.

Navigating the landscape of insurance for small businesses without a substantial workforce can be a daunting task. Finding coverage that aligns with both budget constraints and comprehensive needs proves to be a challenging endeavor. Monthly affordability is crucial, but so is ensuring year-round coverage that caters to both on and off-the-job situations, regardless of geographic location.


Often, traditional options, particularly those offered through brokers, tend to favor larger volume clients, leaving small businesses with limited choices. While public exchanges might seem like an alternative, even with subsidy assistance, the high deductibles and coinsurance render them financially burdensome. Enter the private market—an option designed to address the specific needs of businesses with minimal or no employees.


This avenue provides nationwide coverage at prices considerably lower than its counterparts, without being contingent on extensive participation. Instead, these plans are tailored to individuals and their families, offering both affordability and usability, ensuring that coverage is not just something to have but is practical and accessible when needed.

Coverage that benefits you


Nationwide PPO Coverage

Enjoy the flexibility of a nationwide PPO plan that travels with you, providing comprehensive coverage across the country.


Flexible Pricing Structure

No need to worry about minimum participants or pricing changes based on quantity; our plans are designed to be accessible and consistent for businesses of all sizes.


No Annual Deductibles

Start with the peace of mind of no annual deductibles, making healthcare more accessible from the outset.


Year-Round Enrollment

Enjoy the convenience of no enrollment periods; start, stop, or make changes to your coverage at any time throughout the year.


Competitive Pricing

Benefit from monthly premiums starting at 30-40% less than those offered on the public marketplace, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.


Convenient Telemedicine Services

Access 24/7 telemedicine services through a user-friendly mobile app, ensuring healthcare support is just a click away.


Comprehensive Coverage Options

Choose from a range of coverage options, including medical, dental, vision, life, and short-term disability, tailoring your plan to suit your specific needs.

J. Andrew Warner

Don’t let unexpected circumstances put the brakes on your momentum – ever. It’s very possible to achieve amazing health coverage in an affordable price range, one that’s tailored to your needs. All it takes is the first step: getting in touch. I look forward to your call!

J. Andrew Warner
Senior Licensed Agent

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